Through The Office of Student Life, students are able to join or charter a registered student organization, engage in campus-wide programming, and commit to serving the local community. Part of our mission is to also support students in leadership positions at Humboldt. We facilitate a plethora of opportunities for skill building and leadership exploration.

We encourage you to visit the Clubs & Organizations Website, Youth Educational Services (Y.E.S.) Website, and Social Justice, Equity & Inclusion Center website to explore all of the involvement and leadership opportunities available. Remember, many students have found activities and groups that they can invest in while earning their degrees. You never know where your willingness to “take a chance” may lead you!

The Office of Student Life exists to promote three (3) Pillars

a group of 20 or so YES students standing on rainbow colored stairs

1.  Community Engagement

Programming and support related to volunteer services and engaging with our campus and local community.

We support the following programs & initiatives:

two students holding their outstanding student awards

2.  Leadership Development

Helping students to develop leadership skills through workshops, student organizations, and Fraternity/Sorority Life.

We support the following programs & initiatives:

  • Leadership Skillshops
  • Leadership Conference
  • Student Organizations
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life

Students throwing paint at the Holi festival

3.  Social Justice, Equity & Inclusion

Education, advocacy, programming and support that helps build a socially just, equitable, and inclusive society.

We support the following programs & initiatives:

  • Social Justice, Equity & Inclusion Center (formerly the MCC)
  • Campus & Community Dialogue on Race
  • Social Justice Summit

Reoccurring Student Life Events

We have a lot of events that happening every year, including, but not limited to: