Welcome to HSU Outdoor Bingo

Bingo goes from March 15- March 31 Post on Instagram or Facebook and use the #HSUOutdoorBingo!
Skating the hammond trail; go for a hike; take a walk on the beach #HSUOutdoorBingo

Welcome! We are thrilled to have you join our OUTDOOR BINGO! It is our goal to inspire you to get outside and have fun! Everyone at HSU is invited to participate in this lively event to support health and well-being. 

There are just a few easy steps to follow

1). Register for Event 

2). Download Bingo Sheet

3). Select an Activity & Take a Photo

4). Start Posting to Instagram or Facebook 

5). Be sure to use #HSUOutdoorBingo for your submission to be counted

6) Win Prizes!! Lots of prizes...

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the event!  Follow @HSUCenterActivities as we will be highlighting daily events.

Posting Qualifications:

You must post a picture of you doing the activity between March 15- March 31 on Instagram or Facebook and use the #HSUOutdoorBingo for your entry to qualify for a BINGO square.  You must be visible in the photo.  Please follow all HSU social media guidelines, social distancing policy, and local safety protocols.

Power Up Points:

  • Wear Humboldt State Attire while doing your activity (must be visible in photo) +1 point per activity
  • Pick up at least 5 pieces of trash while doing your activity (must show it in the photo) +1 point per activity
  • Friend HSU RecSports on MapMyRun and track your activities +5 points (one time only)

Outdoor Bingo Submission Rules: 

  • This activity is for Humboldt State University students, staff and faculty. Participants do not need to be currently living in Humboldt in order to participate as long as they are enrolled into HSU. 

  • All individuals wanting to be eligible for prize drawings must complete the Bingo online registration form.

  • Pictures must be originals taken by/ of the participant and include the participant & any power up bonuses completed for said activity in the photo.

  • Pictures must be taken during the Bingo activity period of March 15 - March 31, 2021.

  • Pictures must be posted to Facebook or Instagram and be properly tagged in order to be eligible for prize drawings. If a student does not use social media but would still like to participate, they must email each entry to cntract@humboldt.edu with subject “HSU Outdoor Bingo” & caption their photo detailing what activity (plus any power ups) that are being shown in the picture.   

  • When posted online, the photo caption should identify the Bingo activity being completed and must include the hashtag #HSUOutdoorBingo in order to be eligible for prize drawings.

  • If the participant’s social media is on a private account, the student must accept a friend request from the Center Activities account in order for us to view your qualifying posts. If Center Activities is not granted permission to view the participant’s social media then their photos will not be available for us to track, thereby eliminating them from the option to enter for prizes.  

  • Campus/ county social distance guidelines must be adhered to in the completion of said activities. All images should demonstrate safe health habits and follow social distancing restrictions. 

  • All submissions must follow all policies outlined in the HSU Social Media Guidelines.  

    •  “Because you are representing Humboldt State and the CSU system, DO NOT post: hate speech, profanity, defamatory speech, personal attacks, drug or alcohol use, nudity or sexual content, personal information/images of individuals without their permission, views on campus policies or politics, business promotions, business promotions, commercial content, or copyrighted material.”

  • Each line on the Bingo card (row, column, diagonal) may only be completed once. 

  • Every 5 power up activity points will count towards one prize drawing entry. 

  • Prizes will be drawn when the activity period ends. 


  • Every completed BINGO line is 1 entry for prize drawings. 
  • Every 5 power up points earned is another entry for prize drawings.
  • If you complete 2 lines of BINGO, you will automatically get a Powerbank and a Waterproof First Aid Kit.
  • Prizes are prioritized for students but staff will be eligable for some participation prizes.


  • Solar Powered Charger & Waterproof First Aid Kit

  • Yoga & Resistance Bands

  • Gift Certificates to local products and stores

  • And More!!


It is each participant's full responsibility to ensure their own safety while participating in the HSU Outdoor Bingo. Any decision that is made or action taken by participant is solely their own and releases all liability from the State of California, the Trustees of The California State University, California State University, Humboldt State University and their employees, officers, directors, volunteers and agents (collectively “University”) from any and all claims, including claims of the University’s negligence. 

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